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The Lyrical Parlor

Welcome to The Lyrical Parlor, a musical platform that is dedicated to highlighting and promoting artists of all genres. Our mission is to create a space where both up-and-coming artists and independent artists, can earn a fair income for their art. In today's digital age, streaming platforms have become the go-to for listening to music. However, many artists struggle to earn a living through these platforms, with only a small percentage making significant revenue.

The Lyrical Parlor is determined to change that by introducing a new plan where artists can earn 70% of the subscription fee of users that they refer to the streaming app.

Our platform is designed to be artist-centered and focuses on providing a space where artists can connect with their fans and build a community around their music. This will benefit the artists and the music industry.

In addition to providing a platform for artists, podcasters, and creators to earn more for their art, The Lyrical Parlor also offers a wide range of features to help artists promote their music and connect with their fans. This includes creating a personalized profile, uploading and sharing music, and interacting with fans through social media integrations.

We also strive to create a community of music lovers who can discover and support new and upcoming artists. So, whether you're an artist or podcaster looking to promote your music and podcasts or a music fan looking for new and exciting music to discover, The Lyrical Parlor is the perfect destination for you.

Considering these facts, The Lyrical Parlor is a platform for the artist, by the artist, and of the artist. Where everyone can benefit from the revenue of the platform. And we are dedicated to promoting the work of independent and up-and-coming artists and podcasters providing them with a fair income for their art. Join us today and be a part of the change in the music industry. Sign up for our streaming app and start discovering new music today. .

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